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Barcelona is a shining light on the global map of cities. It is a light of this kind according to different points of view, as all types of international rankings state. They see our city as an excellent business framework and a world reference point in the field of schools of management, a city with a strong corporate dynamic, a first level export centre or as the leader of Spain’s advancement towards a knowledge economy, with a definite focus on scientific and technological innovation. At the same time, Barcelona is known as a very attractive tourist and cultural destination and as an urban area with a high quality of life.

Thanks to this economic dynamism and to its openness abroad, Barcelona has resisted the crisis better than other places; it is in the position of becoming the engine in the Catalan and Spanish recovery and therefore consolidating itself as the greatest economic centre in southern Europe. At the same time, it has been able to maintain the levels of inclusive cohesion and civic-mindedness to avoid economic unbalances and the impact of a strong immigration population, which might have caused a social breakdown.

However, this position achieved by Barcelona is not the result of pure coincidence. It is the result of a continuous and persevering effort from the people of Barcelona over the last number of decades, which coincide with the return to democracy and have counted on a constructive transforming City Council leadership, run by a coalition of progressive forces, with the Socialist Party leading. Over these years, the city has made a huge leap forward, with a profound urban transformation taking place, with the 1992 Olympic Games being the world’s well-known symbol of those changes.

Barcelona’s future involves the city consolidating its inclusion into the global world, while keeping its specificities, bringing the added value for which Barcelona will be recognised everywhere. It is an ambitious goal to become a creativity capital in the fields of art and culture, new technologies, scientific research, urban planning, or services. Without this ambition, Barcelona risks falling by the wayside, wanting to live from a positive inertia but without the offer of an engaging future for new generations. With the commitment of leading this ambitious objective of having a creative and dynamic Barcelona, I am running in the municipal elections on May 22nd next.


Jordi Hereu

Mayor of Barcelona and candidate for re-election for the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC)

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