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More than 160 years ago, the company that is now Gas Natural Fenosa began to offer its first services to Barcelona society, illuminating the streets of the city with the first gas lights. From then until now, the company has grown in parallel to the development of the Catalan and Spanish energy sector, until the moment 18 years ago when it began its international adventure. Today, the company is a global energy company, totally integrating gas and electricity, operating in 25 countries and with more than 20 million customers.

Throughout this long history, we have been a pioneering company in the energy sector of our country: in our beginnings, we brought the progress of gaslight; in the 20th Century, we introduced natural gas to Catalonia and Spain; we built the first Spanish nuclear power station and we were the first to generate electricity with natural gas. And more recently, we have become the leading integrated gas and electricity company in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, following the merger with Unión Fenosa.

Gas Natural Fenosa is an example of how a company, which was born with a local objective, can manage to develop extensive international experience by taking advantage of the opportunities which energy markets around the world offer, and by transferring its experience of success to new countries, contributing in this way to their economic and social development. The vocation to serve is the soul of the company, made up of 20,000 people, who work every day to transfer the benefits of a quality energy service to our customers and to the society in which we carry out our business.


Salvador Gabarró

Chairman, Gas Natural Fenosa

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