The treasury bonds: the 3-party coalition’s end

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Today everybody coincides in saying that unemployment and the economic crisis are the worst problems we have. There are others, but with almost six-hundred thousand unemployed people and our damaged economy, the new Government resulting from the 28th of November elections will have to react vigorously to improve employment and generate wealth.

The crisis has been global, but the initiatives of the 3-party coalition ruling the Catalan Government and the Zapatero Government have resulted in problems as they have been taken late or shyly, without a real will and without a sense of opportunity. The solutions we face are not very useful or very credible. This is the only explanation for why neighbouring countries are starting to recover and in Catalonia and the entire Spanish State we are still attached to uncertainty.

Decisions have to be taken with conviction and a firm hand. Catalonia cannot continue losing prestige and credibility, as it has done in the last years. The 3-party coalition’s lack of rigour and cohesion has weakened the country. The situation must be corrected.

Now, the Catalan Government has announced the emission of treasury bonds to obtain cash and face acquired engagements. The measure shows the poor health of its finances. It also shows that the 3-party coalition’s funding agreement, which was reached a bit more than a year ago, has resulted as useless as the CiU denounced. And it was supposed to be stratospheric! It seemed we would have money falling out of our pockets, and now the Catalan Government has to call the people who have saved money.

A new economic agreement to fund the Catalan Government is needed. The CiU wants a similar agreement to the Basque Country’s, but we will only be able to get this from the economic leadership. The immediate thing to do is to tidy up our house, to be very rigorous with expenditure and make better use of our resources. The times of feeding dogs with filet mignon and spoiling public money in useless reports, centres of doubtful utility and in so many public posts are over.

It is time for austerity and resource optimisation. To improve the situation, we have to bring Catalonia to the leadership position it had not so many years ago. This has to be the objective of all of us: returning Catalonia to the group of leading European regions that have strength in any negotiation. This is our ambition and our objective that we want to share with all Catalans if they give us their trust on the 28th of November to rule Catalonia with a coherent, serious government that is not so dependent on other political forces.


Joana Ortega

Spokesperson Vice President of Unió and n.2 on the CiU’s list for Barcelona in the next Catalan elections

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