The Catalan catharsis

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In this article, I would like to talk about some facts that have been happening in the Catalan society these past months and that represent the most important phenomenon that has occurred here in the last thirty years. I’m not referring to the deplorable process of passing the new Statue of Autonomy of Catalonia, nor to the Constitutional Court sentence that has had to correct a few excesses made in this area. I am referring to the discovery and investigation of the corruption cases which have made come to light the rottenness in which the so-called ‘Catalan oasis’ was standing on.


Indeed, the citizens of Catalonia have already had indications in the past about the fact that, in our society, some rather not edifying conducts were being had within the political area. We will not list here the cases that have involved both CiU (the Centre-Right Catalan-Nationalist Party) and PSC (the Catalan Socialist Party) in the last three decades. But the coming to light, with almost no difference in time, of the corruption cases of the Palau de la Música and so-called ‘Pretoria’ have hit our society in a way that not even the most nasty-minded person would have imagined it.


Suddenly, the citizens of Catalonia are discovering how the most distinguished men that led the most respectable institutions of our community, public posts and representatives of the majority political parties gathered together, spoke on the telephone and made decisions while handling and diverting huge amounts of money either for personal benefit or for the illegal financing of the political parties.


These facts imply more than just the discovery of an illegal conduct. These facts imply that, suddenly, the citizen is conscious that while he or she is taking part in a real Catalonia in which everyone makes an effort to give the best to their families, or is facing a mortgage that suffocates him or her or has terrible difficulties to keep the business going, there exists another official Catalonia in which some were having illegal conducts in order to make money and others, too many in fact, preferred to look the other way.


This awareness of the facts, this discovery of the reality that has been hiding for much time has to represent the first steps. For that, it is important that, from all the institutions with responsibilities, the investigation continues so that all the dirt that has been hidden comes to light. The whistle has to be blown. Some think this is not good, as we can hurt ourselves by doing that and the image of the country might get damaged. They mustn't fool with us. The only image that will be damaged will be the image of the criminals and that of the complicities and silences net that allowed them to act for years with total impunity.


Only from this acknowledgment of the reality the Catalan society can react and change the circumstances that have permitted these deplorable situations to happen. The anger that the ordinary citizen feels will make possible, like in the Greek catharsis, the social and political regeneration of Catalonia.


The political posts, being the ones who serve the citizens, have two obligations: the first one is to blow the whistle in order to know the truth, and the second one is to offer believable alternatives so that the Catalans can still have the hope that everything can change. Other politics and other ways to make politics are possible.


Albert Rivera

President of Ciudadanos – Partido de la Ciudadanía

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All the words that come from this man must be analyzed with all his political path.

Just saying.