Catalonia: A left-wing exit to a right-wing crisis

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Catalonia is facing, like the rest of Europe, a threat of the dismantlement of the Welfare State. The solutions that have been proposed to come out of the crisis are simply awful. We wanted to rebuild capitalism, but neoliberalism is once again winning in rising out of the crisis, which was provoked by the same neoliberal model. Like Greece and Ireland, President Zapatero has followed the demands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by the book.


We, in Catalonia, believe that what the Spanish Government has done cannot be tolerated: simply cutting expenses without an income policy. This was a  sine qua non condition for us. Because of this, we have approved a rise in income tax for wages above 120,000 euros. In Catalonia, we need to combat this neoliberal wave that cuts off our social rights. While Europe is with Hoover, the American President who withdrew stimuli after the stock market crash of 1929, the U.S. is with Keynes, maintaining the investment. If the Socialist Party deserts the Left, which is what Zapatero is doing, leftists will open up a path for the Right-Wing that will be more intense than ever before. This cannot be done. Therefore, we hope the leftists do not give up.


What we are proposing is a different exit to the crisis: one from Catalonia and with Left policies. For this reason, we think that the worst that could happen for Catalonia is a government run by the CiU as a result of the next elections. The solution to the crisis cannot come from the Right, for they are the same political and economic Right that led us into this crisis.


Joan Herrera Torres

Secretary General of the Catalan Eco-Socialist Party (ICV) and Candidate for the next Catalan parliamentary election

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