Internationalisation and innovation, the main axes of Fira de Barcelona

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Through the years, one of Fira de Barcelona’s (Barcelona’s Trade Fair)best assets has been its capacity to adapt to the needs of companies and industries. Today, within the framework of a globalised economy, which is also facing a deep crisis, our institution is an unquestionable benchmark that goes side by side with industries, entrepreneurs and initiatives that generate growth, wealth and labour.


Trade shows are, more than ever, a useful tool that enables the consolidation of productive segments, trade activity, debate, dialogue and knowledge transfer. Trade fairs work to fuel the recovery of Economy. From this point of view, Fira de Barcelona is one of the largest fairs in Europe, with two of the most emblematic venues. In addition, Fira features professional trade shows, which are unmissable milestones. Its contribution to economic recovery focuses, among others, on two basic goals: internationalisation and innovation.


Fira is active in 33 countries where it promotes its advantages as one of the greatest platforms for large international industry gatherings. It is essential in fostering the presence of international exhibitors and visitors, as well as simulating synergies between foreign and exhibiting corporations and national industrial and commercial sectors.


Innovation is its other main driver and it involves launching new fairs, new fair products, new formats, and, above all, transforming trade shows in real business, knowledge and corporate culture summits always bearing in mind the needs of Society and Economy.


Josep Lluís Bonet

President of Fira de Barcelona

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