The European Union, a necessity

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Without any doubt, what decides our participation in the European Parliament elections is our clear pro-Europe vocation. At C's we think that the European Union is a necessity, a political project that has stalled today but that needs to be reactivated and stimulated, because in the globalisation era only a united Europe will be able to continue being economically, politically and socially relevant. Divided, by 2050 not even Germany would be in the G20.

We think that a European project that guarantees its Member State citizens peace, democracy, economic prosperity and social welfare is a capital asset that is too valuable to be abandoned or to be put in the hands of Euro-sceptics and anti-Europeans. For this reason, we the C's MEPs will be committed to building a Europe of citizens more integrated economically, politically and socially, and we will work for moving forward towards a true political community, towards the United States of Europe.

At C's we want a more democratic and transparent Europe, which puts the citizens at the centre of the political project where they are the true main actors of its construction. For this reason, the Parliament – as the true representation of the citizens – has to be the Institution with the greatest power within the European Union, with full legislative and control powers. The strengthening of the European Institutions' democratic legitimacy also means unifying the figures of European Commission President and European Council President, and having the Commission President elected by the Europarliament. Another essential measure is to transform the European Commission into a true government of the Union, with Commissioners chosen by the Commission President with absolute freedom.

EU integration must necessarily include foreign and defence policy; with a joint foreign and defence policy we would strengthen the Union's position at the international level. Having a single voice will represent a better protection of the interests of the States forming the EU. In cooperation with NATO structures, the EU must play a leading role in its security and in global security.

In economic policy, C's commits itself to greater economic and social integration and to an economy with a human face at the people's service, which enables Europe to continue being a flagship for progress and social welfare. We will support and promote an economic growth model based on private companies and innovation, which goes beyond energy dependence, transport and infrastructure shortages, and which targets productivity, efficiency and sustainability as the guarantee for social services and welfare in Europe. We support the banking union process and we want the European Central Bank to become a true Central Bank, with the same functions as, for instance, the United States Federal Reserve. 

The Europe that C's fights for decisively prioritises education, research and innovation, in order to make Europe a true space for freedom, equality, security and justice but also for a Europe committed to human rights, against poverty and for human development.


by Javier Nart

C's main candidate in the next European Elections

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