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From Catalonia, a small nation in southern Europe integrated within the Spanish State, and from ICV-EUiA, a Green Left political party, we are running in these elections with one central idea: to put an end to the neo-liberal policies that are damaging the dream of a prosperous and socially fair Europe.

In the face of the democratic hijack of European institutions by financial power that ended in deregulation and a dismantling of the Welfare State, it is absolutely necessary to reclaim Europe for its citizens, and to reassert the sovereignty of the people in the process of building Europe. Without democracy there is no progress.

Recovering the power of the citizenry in the face of the current technocracy which is at the markets’ service is essential. And so is providing the EU with the tools to govern the economy.

We therefore propose that the European Parliament be at the centre of each and every EU decision, enlarging the areas of joint decision-making in order to counterbalance the Council, that is to say Member State governments, as the executive arm of the austericide programmes.

But we also want a European Parliament able to supervise a strong Commission in the face of the Member States’ pressure, and to represent the true European interest.

We propose to safeguard the Welfare State in all Member States as well as to strengthen the social agenda in Europe: a social dimension that it is rooted in the charter of social and labour rights.

Reforming economic governance with a European treasury that should complete the current monetary union and would have a budget of at least 5% of the EU’s GDP. This would bring a union of financial transfers that guarantee fiscal solidarity in order to recontrol again the economy.

Economic recovery and employment generation necessarily comes through what we call the New Green Deal: the result of changing the production model by investing in the green sector, care, education, research, innovation and culture.

An investment plan sustained by 2% of Europe’s GDP spent in each of the coming 10 years and carried out by the European Investment Bank, with the objective to create new jobs. A true regulation and control on the financial system that ends financial speculation and the predominance of financial markets in the economy and politics.

For all this we need greater European cooperation in the fight against fraud and fiscal evasion. A financial reform in depth. Greater cooperation from our public systems in order to set social European standards. (A guaranteed minimum income, minimum wage, etc.)

This programme is possible, realistic and feasible, but it will come about by coordinating efforts, building new alliances and combining forces with all political and social forces in Europe that share these priorities and values.

This is the Eco-Socialist and left-wing proposal with which ICV-EUiA runs in the next elections. Democracy or Troika?

by Ernest Urtasun

ICV-EUiA’s main candidate in the European Elections

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