Why start a new music project now?

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Musicians, in general terms, have the reputation of being optimistic. We love our work/passion so much that we work hours and hours, many times without enough economic reward or media recognition.

Catalonia is full of optimistic musicians, but it seems like the scene of our ‘small country’ does not always allow us to receive enough recognition and have enough concert activity and record sales. This has to do in part with the fact that we have a relatively small music market (especially for those who make music in Catalan). Another almost inexplicable factor is whether or not the public from a specific place “falls in love” with your music.

Regarding our group, Anna Roig i L’ombre de ton chien, being conscious of these factors has not taken away our optimism in starting a new musical project. The conclusion that we came to since the release of our first album a year and a half ago is that it is worth it to begin a new musical project in Catalonia, and that the wager may turn out well!

As there are young entrepreneurs who have no doubts in creating the businesses they have always dreamed of in the middle of a crisis, we had things to say in the world of music of our country and we wanted to say them no matter what was happening around us. It was a risky wager, but we did it.

We have not only been able to say what we had to say, but now the project is getting quite some acceptance and we are experiencing this fact as something really exceptional. We cannot believe it when we think about the number of concerts we have every month, the influx of people that attend our shows, the radio stations that play our music, the number of people singing along to our songs during the concerts, record sales and the media that is voluntarily helping to get our project out there. We cannot believe it, but at the same time it seems like it should be a logical result to any project that is done with a lot of enthusiasm, wit and above all, hard work.

Maybe in another country everything happens in a logical way rather than as an exception. Maybe in another country we might be able to live off of our musical project and not have to do other work to complement our salaries like we do now. Maybe we are not in the place with the best conditions to start musical projects. However, we are very happy with what is happening to us, while we feel at the same time that a few doors still need to be opened if we want to continue our dynamic of enthusiasm, wit and above all, hard work.


Anna Roig

Songwriter and singer of Anna Roig i L’ombre de ton chien

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Beautiful... ;)

I am in the United States and was looking for a song my mom (she's from Barcelona) used to sing to me when I was a kid called La Filadora, and I came across your music. I love your music! Very innovative!