A valid interlocutor

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“Which is the difference between not having patience for anything and wasting your time?” wondered Pablo Neruda. I think there’s none. Because waiting for nothing to happen is the same as wasting time and that’s exactly what has happened in Catalonia during Mas’ and Republican Left of Catalonia’s management. Because separatism not only divides society in sides, but it makes us waste money, opportunities and a lot of time.

I’ve seen myself how in the Parliament of Catalonia no efforts were put into solving the problems which are common to all Catalan people. Because unemployed people and anyone in a waiting list waiting for a medical intervention cannot be divided between those who are separatists and those who are not. That’s why I’ll compromise on ruling for all of the Catalans, without sides or distinctions.

But besides the time they’ve wasted looking for all those things that divide us in sides, no one has even cared about defending the interests of Catalan people outside Catalonia. President Artur Mas’ visits to Madrid haven’t had a use and, far from making the situation better, they’ve made it worse by supporting the Popular Party in subjects such as the reform of the Labor Law or the Fiscal Amnesty. Because neither Rajoy’s Popular Party nor Mas’ Convergence and Union are interested in holding talks or reaching an agreement. Rajoy’s side because they feel really comfortable resisting to change and disconnecting Catalonia from Spain while Mas’ side comfort comes from the ability of keeping seeing themselves as victims by saying “Spain steals from us”.

If I get to be the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia I’ll compromise on negotiating and holding talks for what’s best for Catalonia with a new Government in Spain. Without threats, without victim mentality, but with dialogue and the legitimate will of defending the interests of my land. There hasn’t been a valid interlocutor with Spain’s government working for all of us for a long time. There’s no time to waste.

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