The positive change in Barcelona

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Barcelona needs a New Vision and a New Ambition. After 32 consecutive years of a municipal government run by the PSC and Socialist mayors, the Catalan capital has exhausted the model on which it moved forward during the 1980s and 1990s. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Barcelona has not been well guided; Barcelona has missed out on opportunities. While Barcelona society was pushing forward and offering itself to face the new challenges of a global world, the City Council was restricting the initiative of society. Now the moment has arrived to free up energies; it is the moment to open doors and windows. It is the moment to make the winds of change blow inside the City Council, the very same wind that blows across the streets and squares of the city.

Convergència i Unió, Catalonia’s hegemonic party, which leads the Catalan Government after the broad electoral victory six months ago, is now offering a solid and rigorous project to make the change in Barcelona’s City Council possible, in its government, in its mayoral office. It is a positive change and in favour of Barcelona. We are defending a new political culture that focuses on the people’s needs and has dialogue as its main tool. Years ago, the City Council coined the motto “Barcelona, posa’t guapa!” (Barcelona, get dressed up!), which was a good summary of a proposal  -of the Socialist governments- that focused on urban reform, and too often focused on the city’s aesthetics. This model has expired. Now we are proposing changing the motto for “Barcelona, regenera’t” (Barcelona, regenerate yourself), in which the human dimension and the offer of answers to the needs of the people -the people who live in Barcelona- will be the main pillar. This way, at the beginning of the term, the priority will be fighting unemployment and the economic crisis, with the first objective being creating jobs and working to avoid company shutdowns: we will wager for the productive and social network of a city based on knowledge.

We also want to recuperate the collaboration between politics and society, and we will carry it out with transparency, proximity and by listening to everybody. We will make Barcelona a reference city for its quality of life; a city for the people that live in it, where its services (cleaning, security, maintenance, lighting, etc.) work properly and where we work all together, the Government with the opposition, the City Council with the people, and the public sector with the private.

However at the same time, we want to keep a long-term vision and Regenerate Barcelona, by understanding its new reality: we want to Regenerate the neighbourhoods, by expanding the mixed-nature of its usages, running away from specialisation; we want to Regenerate Barcelona, by integrating nature and city, turning the city towards Collserola’s Park; the new law of the Metropolitan Area must be implemented, especially in the aspects related to territorial coordination. The Mediterranean Euroregion must be Re-structured, thanks to a great push for connective infrastructures, such as the port, train and airport, as well as education and research infrastructures. To sum up, Barcelona must be Re-connected with the world.

We are ready; and we are certain that we will receive the trust of the people of Barcelona on the May 22nd next.


Xavier Trias

Head of the CiU candidature for Barcelona’s City Council

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