The People’s Party of Catalonia’s campaign

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The People’s Party of Catalonia (PPC) is running in the next autonomic elections with the objective of voicing the demand for a real change from Catalan society. The PPC is running with a serious political programme and solid teams, which guarantee the political renovation asked for by Catalans. The PPC is the real alternative to the Socialists, who have already shown the failure of their policies, and the CiU, which only has Catalan independence priorities on its agenda. Our proposal’s axes are economic recovery, talking about the problems of common people, restoring an open spirit and freedom back to all Catalans and recovering positive values that have been lost.

Unemployment in Catalonia has reached historic proportions, with more than 670,000 unemployed people. The worst thing is that the recently approved labour reform will not change these dynamics and the forecast for the following months is very concerning (it is the last of Corbacho’s successes before returning to the PSC’S lists with his friend Montilla). The People’s Party of Catalonia guarantees job creation and supports SMEs and independents, tax decreases, and families, as they are the core of our society.

As I said, we will talk about the problems of common people, such as how to guarantee regulated immigration that fulfils its obligations, adapts to our laws and habits and does not allow more rights than Catalans themselves. We will talk about citizen security and how to prevent our cities from becoming a paradise for criminals or a permanent seat for violent people, as has happened to Barcelona as a result of its leaders’ passivity and permissiveness.

We also want to put an end to the fact that Catalonia has become the land of the ban. Montilla has implemented fines with the consumption law and banned bullfighting.  Also, he follows the model that imposes the language in all social spheres, from education to cinema. The PP will put an end to these sanctioning and coercive policies if it is decisive in the next Catalan Government.

Finally, our programme wants to take care of the recovery of social values such as merit, work, effort, solidarity, tolerance, and all values that improve our society, from humanism to family protection.


Jordi Cornet

Secretary General of the People’s Party of Catalonia (PPC)

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