The Future is what is at stake

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The next European Parliament elections, to be held on the 25th of May, are essential. We will decide the position we want Spain to occupy in Europe, and the Europe we want for Spain. This 25th of May recovery is what is at stake, because Spain cannot go back to the bailout and budget cut threats. People can prioritise continuing on the growth path or having the PSOE's policies back, those who hid the crisis, who ruined Spain and who put the country to the edge of bankruptcy and bailouts.

In the next European Parliament elections what is at stake is leaving the crisis behind. Thanks to the reform of the PP Government and the effort of the entire Spanish society, we have avoided the bailout, we have guaranteed the sustainability of pensions, we are recovering competitiveness and investors' trust in our companies.

Employment is also at stake. Spain is growing and the result is that Spain is leading the unemployment reduction in Europe. From the PP’s side we will continue to work and focus our efforts on Employment policies, emphasising the fight against youth unemployment through the participation in the Youth Employment Initiative, which we have already started to implement in the European Union thanks to the work carried out by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. Now, more than ever before, Catalans have to revalidate their trust in the PP to continue on this road to recovery.

Spain is also at stake. Only the People's Party guarantees the defence of the interests of a united and plural Spain. The Catalan Government, with its separatist delirium, wants to put Catalonia into a dead end that will provoke the exit from Spain and therefore from the European Union, which would be terribly damaging for the Catalan economy. In the face of this challenge, we are the only party with common sense that will guarantee unity and conviviality. Because together we can go further and, by being integrated within Europe, we will be stronger. In the 21st century borders are an obstacle to growth, and confrontation does not create jobs; neither does it help the economic recovery.

We Catalans have a great responsibility on the 25th of May. We have in our hands the opportunity to make the People's Party obtain the greatest support in order to continue defending Spain's interests in Europe with strength during the next 5 years. We are going in the right direction but we know that there is still a great deal to get done and to fight for in Europe, and this is what the People's Party will do. The future is what is at stake.


by Santi Fisas

PP's main candidate from Catalonia in the next European Elections

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