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This autumn we will celebrate the autonomous elections in Catalonia. Judging by headline news, it would seem that the debate around themes such as the Statute for Autonomy or independence is what Catalans care about the most. This could not be any further from the reality. One only needs to step down to the street to realise that the great majority of Catalans have other problems. 


The PP wants to represent this silent majority. This majority of Catalans that feel both Catalan and Spanish and want only that Catalonia return to being strong and prosperous within Spain. This majority of Catalans who want a government that will restore hope: those who have lost their jobs, families that cannot reach the end of the month and businesses that are in danger of being closed. Proposals are necessary to boost the economy, to improve the situations of SMEs, to lower taxes, to create jobs and to regain the values of freedom and plurality in Catalonia.


If the rest of the political parties –with the CIU in the lead and the PSC as a silent accomplice– insist on talking about identity questions, let them. The People’s Party of Catalonia will dedicate itself in the following months, as it has been doing until the current moment, to getting solutions and proposals on the table that concern common people: the economy, insecurity, education, health, immigration or infrastructures. I am convinced that Catalans will thank us.


Alícia Sánchez-Camacho

President of the Catalan People’s Party (PPC)

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