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Convergència sees the 26-J Spanish Elections as a new opportunity to explain our commitment to defend Catalonia with facts, here and in Madrid. Our trajectory supports us. Convergència has acted as a cross party, beyond confined ideologies, with the vocation of moving forward the country as a whole. Therefore, the national subject has always been strongly attached to economic and social progress, two sides of the same coin.

In the last nearly four decades, Convergència has also taken part in Spanish politics, helping the governability and modernisation of the State. And it is true that the Spanish progress of the last 35 years wouldn’t be understandable without Convergència’s participation. Catalonia has tried to fit within the Spanish State, waiting for a respect and a fair correspondence which only a few times have become a reality. In conclusion, the flagrant unfulfilments of this State towards Catalonia and its attempts to reduce Catalonia’s self-government have been constant for decades and without any aim of fixing it. 

Thus, it is not strange that a fair amount of people have decided to disconnect from this State and the 27-S Catalan Elections are a clear example of that. For the first time ever, there is a pro-independence majority in the Catalan Chamber, 72 MPs and 48% of votes. However, a consultation or a referendum would allow us to count and draw the exact map of pro-independence supporters, a referendum which could be clearly read by the international community.

Convergència wants for Catalonia to become a new state within the EU and won’t accept defeat in asking for a legal and agreed consultation with the Spanish State. Indeed, we already tried on the 9th of November. We know that more than 75% of Catalans support the idea of holding a referendum. Therefore, Madrid should listen to our programmatic proposal, which foresees the creation of a commission in the Spanish Parliament to tackle the Catalan question. This commission, besides analysing the evolution of Catalonia’s autonomy through proven facts, should be able to discuss a referendum with the will to agree on a date, a question and a legal framework.

Those millions of people who have taken to the streets every 11th of September [Catalonia’s National Day] are a real fact which can’t be hidden. The reality is there and neither the Spanish Government nor the Spanish State can turn their backs on it any longer.


Francesc Homs i Molist

Convergència candidate for the Spanish Elections


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