Catalonia and Spain need a positive change

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Dialogue, agreement and change. This is the recipe with which we the socialists face the new general elections on 26th June and the future of Catalonia and Spain.

There will be only two options for a stable Government in Spain after these elections: the first one, if the citizens go to the polls and will give enough support to PSOE we could have a Government leaded by Pedro Sánchez that will entail change and dialogue. The second one, especially likely if the voters decide to stay home, will be four more years of Mariano Rajoy and PP that will bring more stagnation and confrontation.  Therefore, the two options are very clear: change in front of stagnation, and dialogue opposed to confrontation.

The Catalan socialists have a positive program, a project for a country that says YES to the Government of change that will face the big social and economic challenges of Catalonia and Spain from a progressive and human point of view.

These challenges are mainly three: the economic growth, the fight against inequalities and a democratic regeneration. And, on the contrary of other political options, we want to tackle them with the same stress, because there are equally important and also interrelated.

We want a change that will bring sustainable economic growth and quality jobs, especially for our youth and non-skilled adults who are the most touched by the unemployment. We want a change to stop the cuts to our Welfare State, and to reinforce it through investment in education, health and pensions systems.  We want a change to finally end up with the political corruption scandals that outrage us and damage our democracy, to recover the trust of the citizens in our institutions and political parties.

Besides all that, we need to tackle the territorial model as we recognize that there is a political problem with the fitting of Catalonia and Spain, which requires a political solution. The socialists have a clear and detailed proposal that implies dialogue and the renewal of the political deal through a Constitutional reform. This reform should be based on federalist principles in order to guarantee the singularity of Catalonia, clarify its competences, making clear the funding model and reforming the Senate to a real territorial Chamber.

Catalonia and Spain urgently need a change and a new political agreement, and we the Socialists are the only ones who can provide a positive project for our country based on stability, experience and progressive solutions.


Meritxell Batet

PSC Candidate for the Spanish General Elections

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