Catalonia’s passion for cuisine

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It may seem that cuisine and gastronomy are trendy nowadays in Catalonia, as newspapers and magazines are full of recipes and articles about chefs. However, there are other reasons, reasons with far more weight, filled with history, which explain this trend without having to justify it by something as ephemeral as trends. In fact, one of the oldest recipe books of Europe is written in Catalan: the ‘Llibre de Sent Soví’ (‘Book of Sent Soví’), an anonymous text from the 14th century. Therefore, we must admit that style, good taste and passion for cuisine came to us from far away in time.

The cuisine of each country is a lively cultural expression, able to show the history of each land. Cuisine may tell us where are we coming from and where are we going to. Nowadays, in my opinion, we are living in a splendorous moment of gastronomic renaissance in part thanks to the genius of Ferran Adrià. He has been able to encourage and motivate an entire professional community that works with their own ideas, quality, organisation and respect, in the kitchen as well as at the service of the dinning room.


Carme Ruscalleda

Chef of the ‘Sant Pau’ Restaurant (3 Michelin stars)

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