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Among all the cities worth their salt, Barcelona has always been associated with fun, sun and culture. But, more than ever, our city is becoming today a major business attraction pole and, in many other aspects, it is one of Europe’s leading cities.

According to prestigious polls such as the European Cities Monitor by Cushman & Wakefield or Richard Ellis’ survey on Global Market Rents (2009), Barcelona averages an excellent position no matter what viewpoint you hold. Also, referring to studies on different issues such as the cost of living by Mercer Human Resource Consulting or air quality by the American Chemical Society, Barcelona is considered a leading city, both in Europe and the world. And this is no surprise.

The effort of all of the institutions involved in promoting the city wouldn’t have helped much if the city hadn’t moved towards excellence and higher attractiveness. But it definitely has. Those of us who have lived in Barcelona for many years have witnessed the changes that the city has gone through. The grey-landscaped industrial city of the sixties and seventies was followed by a hopeful exciting renewal during the eighties that led to the enthronement of Barcelona amongst the leading cities of the world with the celebration of the 1992 Olympic Games.

Since that day, Barcelona has been growing in the minds of many decision-makers and has become a huge destination for holidays and a favorite venue for holding business meetings and congresses. Many international firms set their regional offices in Barcelona and rely on its well considered capacity to attract talent from around the world. At just a two-hour flight from most European capitals, Barcelona still has a lot to prove to itself, but it is bent on climbing up a few ranks in the European Cities Monitor from its 4th place position in 2009, only behind London, Paris and Frankfurt. In such a compelling stage, Barcelona is without a shadow of a doubt the place to be.


Miquel Valls

President of Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce

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