Barcelona’s Tourism Sector

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The role of the tourism sector for the city of Barcelona is very important, as much on a social level as on an economic. It has a strong implication in the population, concretely in the area of hotels.

The hotel sector has shown significant growth in the last few years in Barcelona and has consolidated Barcelona’s offer. The existence of some of the most important hotel infrastructures not only in Europe, but also on a worldwide level, has helped Barcelona to become a priority reference when celebrating important events.

At the same time, hotels in the city have wanted to improve the city’s social and cultural offer. They have organised numerous activities that are open to everyone like concerts, cooking classes and exhibitions. Citizens of Barcelona can now access and enjoy all of these offers through a new communication tool from the Hotel Guild of Barcelona. The tool called +qHotel! is based on new communication tools and social networks. It can be found on Facebook and in the blog

Constant renovation has to be one of the motors that makes us advance in the years to come, maintaining the spirit of our city, respecting its citizens and embracing the visitors that we accommodate every day. We cannot allow ourselves to lose this prestige and image that has been so difficult to attain.


Jordi Clos

President of the Hotel Guild of Barcelona

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