The 10-J spirit

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Saturday, the 10th of July, will forever be remembered in Catalonia as a very special day. Instead of the usual movement of people towards the beaches, on this sunny and hot afternoon, hundreds of thousands of Catalans headed to their capital city, Barcelona.

This action was to spread a message to ourselves, Spanish political authorities and the world that we want to decide on our own future as a nation in the process of building the European motherland.

Things would certainly not be the same after this huge demonstration. We knew that every (or, realistically, almost every) organisation was willing to put its own contribution into implementing the Catalan Statute of Autonomy, without any mutilation.

It is not so often that you can see entrepreneurial representatives marching side by side with unions; there were former and current presidents (Presidents of the Catalan Government and of the Catalan Parliament) demonstrating along side academics and students, etc. We were all there.

It is important to point out that the call was made from the basis of society, even though political parties were involved as well.

There is a lot of political and social work to be done to assure the development of our nation. We do need an able government to improve the economic and moral strength needed in maintaining social cohesion.

Both goals are not easy in a country that has accommodated a very large influx of migration since the beginning of the millennium. A positive relationship between politicians and social organisations is the key.


Muriel Casals

President of Òmnium Cultural

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