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When I first arrived in a certain Catalan village some sixty kilometres from Barcelona, like most English people all I knew about Catalonia was that the word formed part of the title of a book by George Orwell. Again like most English people, when Catalans started to tell me about their history and language, I jumped to the conclusion that I was being fed so much nationalist flim-flam. What changed my mind - to the extent that I not only learnt Catalan but eventually came to write and publish in this language - was gradual exposure to the reality on the ground.

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Why keep a good thing under wraps?

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This year marks the 150th anniversary of Joan Maragall’s birth in 1860.  And next year we commemorate the 100th anniversay of his death in 1911 at the early age of 50.

Two years, back to back, packed with all kinds of celebrations:  poetry recitals, dramatic readings, concerts, exhibits, documentaries, TV programs, monuments, literary walks, academic events, lectures, anthologies, critical editions, new books on the author...

Why all the fuss?  The answer is relatively easy.  Joan Maragall was a literary giant.

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