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The European Union, a necessity

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Without any doubt, what decides our participation in the European Parliament elections is our clear pro-Europe vocation. At C's we think that the European Union is a necessity, a political project that has stalled today but that needs to be reactivated and stimulated, because in the globalisation era only a united Europe will be able to continue being economically, politically and socially relevant. Divided, by 2050 not even Germany would be in the G20.

We think that a European project that guarantees its Member State citizens peace, democracy, economic prosperity and social welfare is a capital asset that is too valuable to be abandoned or to be put in the hands of Euro-sceptics and anti-Europeans.

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Europe beyond the Member States

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Spaces to decide and to incite

Seen with Catalan glasses, the European construction is necessary but, as presently conceived, clearly insufficient. The European Union’s motto is “United in diversity”, a beautiful motto that, in general, universal terms, I share. However, when it is applied to the present European Union, I see it as incomplete, at a minimum. Taking the current Euro-reality into account, the motto “United in the diversity of the States” would be much more convenient. And this is, in my opinion, THE problem: the current States are, unfortunately, the main reason for European paralysis.

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